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The Remainders are from a basement somewhere just north of the Ohio State campus. Out of this subterranean abode we've recorded three albums and occasionally emerged to play some live shows and squint in the light of day. Considering the typical time of the aforementioned shows the squinting may have been more on the metaphorical side however. We've been around in some form or another for about 4 years, though our current form finds us with a key member living some two thousand miles southwest of the Ohio State campus, thus putting a bit of a logistical challenge to future shows.

What do The Remainders sound like you may ask? Well, we like to say indie rock but who can really say without several unnecessary and pretentious hyphenations (though it's kind of you to ask). We've been compared to Apples in Stereo (as well as other Elephant 6 bands), Belle & Sebastian and R.E.M, but we're obviously much worse. Have a listen.

We've been uploading music to the Podsafe Music Network, check out our page and the great podcasts available there.

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Our third album was released in Feb 2005! Woo-hoo! Go buy it! They're going fast!

This album is also now available on iTunes. Apparently listeners who bought The Remainders also bought Black Sabbath and Harry Belafonte. Go figure.

Available at CDBaby (including more MP3s)

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1. aurora
2. kennewick man
3. change in the weather
4. home
5. what i wouldn’t do
6. words for snow
7. summer
8. emily
9. life on mars
10. good morning
11. 7-5
the last one to talk
Our second album is the 5 song EP entitled, "the last one to talk". Released in fall of '02, this album was also self-produced and features our current lineup and a better representation of our current sound. Bob & Ed was featured in a documentary about toxic mold, which is kind of like an MTV reality show. tracks
1. bob & ed
2. the two of us
3. please explain
4. you move
5. good times
halfway between then and now
Our first recording was/is "Halfway Between Then and Now", an ambitious 14+ song album recorded and released in summer/fall '01. This incarnation of the band only has two members in common with the current band, but we still play a number of these songs. "The Ballad of Disco Stu" and "With Things As They Are" were featured on MTV's Sorority Life, and "Song For A Tuesday" was on Fraternity Life to inject some kind of gender equality apparently. tracks
1. a prologue
2. twenty-four
3. end of the line
4. song for a tuesday
5. inside-out
6. procrastination
7. through the cracks
8. things i learned
9. molly
10. the fall of us
11. with things as they are
12. the ballad of disco stu
13. and we dance
14. you dropped the ball

the band

Grant McGuire - bass guitar

Jason Packer - guitar

Chad Howe - drums

Jeff Mielke - vocals, guitar, accordion, mandolin